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"Authentic" RS Control Knob Keychain
  • "Authentic" RS Control Knob Keychain


    There has been so much interest at all the RS Meetups over these Keychains, that I decided to offer them to the general public as well.

    These are genuine authentic RS Control Knobs, in every dimension to the real Knobs, Sir Brian May has on his RS. I know because I made them. Because the feel of the knurl is such an important feature, the depth and feel of the knurl is critical.

    Long story short...
    During our last run of Knobs for the 2023 season, when the job was set up, the knurl was not quite deep enough. These parts managed to slip by our QC department, and quite a few were run this way. Fortunately, during the final inspection, we caught them. The difference is so slight, that one would probably never ever notice it...but we would know.


    We have made these Keychains from both East Coast and Arizona Meetups here in the US, as well as for the UK Meetups.


    Making Lemonade from Lemons, we decided they would make great Keychains...for EVERYONE!!!

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