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Replica Vintage-Style Mighty Might 'Keyhole' Saddles
  • Replica Vintage-Style Mighty Might 'Keyhole' Saddles

    Talk about Saddles with a history!!!
    The '70s era  Mighty Might 'Keyhole' brass Saddles were made famous by Andy Summers with the Police' with his iconic Tele, and also Eddie Van Halen's  Saddle of choice when he built his very first 'Frankenstrat'.

    These 'Replica' Vintage-style Mighty Might Saddles can be found nowhere else. Like the EVH String Trees, they can only be found here.

    Played by the likes of Jackson Browne, Gabriel Curry (Echopark Guitars), and Dane Kinser (lead guitarist for Kane Brown), they have proclaimed these as the best-sounding, best-playing Saddles they ever heard or played.

    Check out this amazing video from Fender Custom Shop...

    So, the history and pedigree are right at your fingertips, now's the time to start making your own history...

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