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"Traditional" Arm Assembly
  • "Traditional" Arm Assembly

    Cyber Shop "Red Special" Arm Assemblies, are considered the most accurate you can get.



    We start by turning our solid brass swivel mounts and drilling the side hole. We then silver-solder our hand-cut stainless-steel arm inside the swivel mount. We DO NOT thread our arms!!! Each weld is fully tested and guaranteed not to break under normal use. Once the Arms cool, the welding flux and other residue are removed by brushing and buffing. Finally, a Matte or polished finish is applied. The Arms are then bent per Brian's original specs. (see photos)


    Arm Post...

    Our 2 pc. Arm Post is true to the original design. The only difference is, the original post was made from mild steel...our Posts are made from stainless steel, and each one is hand-cut and hand-threaded.


    Two reasons for this choice. 1) strength, mild steel is soft and can bend much easier than stainless. 2) rust, mild steel can rust and threads become damaged.



    There is a reason for why each type of fastener is used, AND, why it is crucial they are placed in the correct order. (see photos)


    Rocker end assembly instructions...

    Thread Collar fully onto the end with the longest thread. Slide Belleville Washer onto the post (wide base against the collar), and thread the stainless nut (locknut) up until hand tight against the Belleville washer and Collar.


    Arm end assembly instructions...

    Place brass flat-washer over the post with the polished side up. Mount the Arm onto the post and slide the other brass washer over the post with the polished side down. Next, place the stainless washer on top of the brass washer with the polished side down,  followed by the Belleville washer (wide base against the stainless washer). The brass nut and brass acorn nut top off the assembly, and are used to adjust the tension of the Arm to your preferred feel.



    Before mounting the Post to the Rocker...

    1.) With an 8mm wrench, tighten the stainless steel hex-nut, snuggly against the collar. This nut is what locks the Post to the Rocker.

    2.) Hand thread the Post into the Rocker fully until tight. Using a wrench, tighten the stainless steel nut against the Rocker. This locks the Post to the Rocker, and it is crucial to the Tremolo working properly and not coming loose and constantly having to be adjusted. If mounted properly, you should never have to touch the Arm again except maybe to clean.

    3.) With the Post now mounted to the Rocker assembly, use the remaining fasteners and mount the Arm as described above.

    4.) Alternating between the brass hex nut and the Acorn/Dome nut, keep adjusting the tension until it is how you like it. Please know, this is very tricky. As you are zeroing in on the feel you want, holding the hex nut still as you tighten the Dome nut will cause the feel to tighten, so you may have to start tightening the Dome nut with the arm slightly looser than you want, but when the Dome nut is fully locked in with the hex nut, the tension will tighten slightly. It will be aggravating, but once you get the feel of the wrenches, tightening and loosening, it will be a "piece of cake" from then on.


    Assembly includes:
    (1) RS Tremolo Arm Post
          Material: Stainless Steel
          ---> Post Diameter: 5mm
          ---> Thread: M5x0.8 (both ends)

          ---> Collar: 10mm dia. x 6mm x M5x0.8 thread

    (1) RS Tremolo Arm
          Material: Stainless Arm, Brass Swivel
          --->Arm Length:178mm (approx.)

    (1) Tremolo Tip
          Available Tip Colors:
    Parchment, Mint Green, Cream, Vintage Cream, Black, White

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